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Stalk Shredder

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  • Application: Woodworking machine
  • Supply Ability: 30 sets per Month
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    The machine is designed to process the corn stalk,cotton stalk,straw,tree bark,soybean straw, waste bacterial stick,forest wastes and other soft material(such as wheat straw,rice straw).It is widely used by the biomass power station,paper plant,organic fertilizer plant, animal husbandry,fiber board plant and comprehensive utilization of straw enterprises.

    This kind of machinery can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.(the main power,capacity,number of knives,roller diameter, the feed size and so on.)

    Production Classification:

    It is divided into two types ,one is drum type(FDJG1250/FDJG1400),which applies to corn stalk,cotton stalk and other agricultural crop stalk(except soft material such as wheat straw n rice straw).

    the other is disc type(FDSZ2000),which applies to any crop stalk and crop straw.(corn stalk,cotton stalk,soybean stalk, wheat straw and rice straw.


    Model FDJG1250 FDJG1400 FDSZ2000
    Feeding mode Grab loading Grab loading Grab loading
    Roller Diameter 800 800 850
    Main motor power(kw) 132/160 200-220 110*2
    Finished chip size(mm) 100-150 100-150 100-150
    Feeding motor power(kw) 5.5+7.5 7.5+11 5.5
    Outlet motor power(kw) 3+5.5 4+5.5 7.5*2
    Number of hammer(piece)     48*2
    Capacity(ton) 6-8 8-10 12-20

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