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Wood chips of paper pulp production line

Wood chips of paper pulp production line includes 2 sets of  log debarkers of 6meters length, a full set of disc wood chipper and a set of siever screen machine which has 3 layers.

Log debarker,also called log peeling machine, adopts a new design concept, using the unique force generated by the rotor with stepped peeling teeth, so as to rub, impact, squeeze and peel off each other, so as to achieve the high efficiency of  peeling. This product is suitable for the peeling of all kinds of wood with a diameter range of 30-300mm. It is widely used in paper pulp mills, paper plants and manufacturers needing high-quality wood chips.

Disc chipper series are special equipments to make high-quality wood chip.It is widely used in paper pulp mills, paper plants and manufacturers needing high-quality wood chips,cut wood log into high-quality wood chips with even cutting length and  thickness.The disc chipper consists of host machine, disc and blades, feed inlet,  discharge rack,electric control system, etc. The disc wood chipper is characterized by compact and reasonable structure, easy operation, superior quality,  low energy consumption, safety and reliability, easy to maintenance, etc.According to the customers' demand, length of finished wood chip can be adjusted within certain scope.This kind of machinery can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

Siever screen machineThe main function is to provide accurate separation of materials without product deterioration, thereby resulting greater product yields at higher production rates. This machine consists of  top screen fame, spacer, bottom screen fame, the base space and the screen box.  It can secure the  vibrating screen quality as a high capacity product that efficiently developed for materials screening purposes. At the open end of the screen, one conveyor belt is connected to transport oversized wood chips, and the other transports qualified wood chips.The sawdust falls on  the botton of the screen box.


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