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About Us

Shandong Pengfuda Environmental Protection Technology Co.Ltd. is a modern enterprise which specializes in research and development design, production of wood chipper and biomass comprehensive crusher and all kinds of the forestry  machines since the beginning of the 1990s.

We own the good reputation among the customers all over the world through the efforts of years. Our company has grown into a comprehensive manufacturer of the special-purpose equipments for the material preparation section in such sectors as paper-making, forest products, biomass power generation, silicon smelting, biomass briquette, feed and chemical fertilizer.

Our company can supply:

1. Comprehensive crusher for biomass power generation or boiler fuel;
2. Wood chipper machine and debarking equipment for material preparation section in board plant,paper plant and silicon smelting;
3. Comprehensive crusher for integrated utilization of agricultural wastes and forestal wastes;
4. Crusher for material preparation section of biomass briquette;
5. Advanced dust removal equipment ;
6. Wood splitting machine;
7. Sawdust machine;
8. Mobile wood crusher machine and other forestry equipments Biomass pellet production line.

"Lofty Ambition & Concerted Efforts". We invite worldwide distributors to join us and the company is desired to cooperate with you for a brighter tomorrow!

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