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Application Of Stalk Shredde

The Stalk Shredder can pulverize corn stalk, straw, peanut skin, bean stalk, flower firewood and other combustible crop waste stalks. The burning of these crop straws is avoided, the environment is well protected, and renewable energy is effectively developed. Reliable performance, simple and convenient operation. The equipment produces a wide range of raw materials, which can be adapted to combustible crop waste stalks such as corn stalks, straws, peanut skins, bean stalks, and flower firewood.


The Stalk Crusher Machine is mainly used for the chopping of plant straws such as crop straws and branches with a diameter of less than 5CM, and can also be used for chopping of various crop straws and pastures. The whole set of equipment is mainly used for the shredding and processing of cotton stalk, bark, branches, corn stalk, wheat stalk, straw and other biomass.

 Stalk Shredde

The Stalk Shredding Machine is mainly suitable for pulverizing a variety of plants with a growth period of one year: such as cotton, corn stalks, eggplant, pepper seedlings, etc. The pulverizing length can be manufactured according to customer requirements. The crushed agricultural and plant debris can be used as raw materials for various production industries such as organic fertilizer, fuel, particleboard, and paper. The equipment turns waste into treasure, which is difficult to dispose of, and exerts new economic value. At the same time, it also protects the environment, improves the soil, and creates good social benefits.

Post time: Jul-01-2022

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