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Working Principle and Characteristics Of Wood Splitting Machine

Wood splitting machine is an important auxiliary equipment in wood chip processing industry, mainly including vertical and horizontal series. Its function is to use the hydraulic working principle to split the stump, large branch, large log section and hard wood, so as to meet the requirements of the feeding size of the chipper, or split the raw materials into materials for other purposes. The horizontal model is convenient to use, and can be made into a traction mobile machine according to the needs of users. Many log separators consist of cutter and hydraulic pump components and are usually rated according to the tonnage they can produce. The higher the rated force, the larger the diameter or length of the log that can be split.


Wood log splitter is an important material preparation machine in paper industry, man-made plate industry, wood pulp processing and other industries. It can split the wood with too large diameter, too long length and special shape, which is not conducive to processing. It is propelled by hydraulic cylinder. It has the characteristics of high pressure, time-saving and labor-saving, reasonable structure, firmness and durability, high output, easy operation and more safety.

Characteristics of Horizontal Wood Splitting Machine:


1. The design is simple and durable.


2. The chopper operates flexibly and stably with high chopping efficiency.


3. Small floor area and convenient maintenance.


4. It is suitable for larger types of firewood. The blade is solid, and safety protection is set at key parts, which makes the use more humanized and safer while ensuring the performance of the equipment.


Safety operation matters


Safe operation of wood chopper: check whether the machine is blocked by foreign matters before use to avoid the risk of jamming; Safety protection facilities shall be set up during use. Keep your body balanced when splitting wood. Your fingers are 5cm high from the cutter head; If it is necessary to replace the blade of the wood chopper, turn off the power light first, and then approach the machine after the machine stops running.

Post time: Apr-21-2022

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