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Police: Maine man threatened death with planing knife in Portsmouth attack

Brentwood – A man in Maine is facing several felony charges related to a domestic violence attack in Portsmouth, where he allegedly told a woman that he “threw her into a wood chipper Kill”, the court document stated.
The 61-year-old Jack Coffey’s address is listed in both Westbrook and Arundel, Maine. He was taken by the Rockingham High Court grand jury earlier this month. Prosecuted for three simple counts of domestic violence and three counts of threatening domestic violence.
According to the indictment, Kofi was previously convicted in 2017 for violating a protection order, especially a protection from abuse order by the Cumberland County District Court in Maine.
Court documents show that Kofi knocked a woman to the ground with his elbow in an apartment in Portsmouth on October 22, 2020. That evening, the police arrived at the apartment and arrested Kofi with a fully independent replacement warrant. The police said that at the time of arrest, the woman did not want to talk about suspicious domestic violence.
Court documents show that after Kofi was dealt with and released on bail that night, he allegedly returned to the apartment and grabbed the woman with his hands.
He allegedly pushed her to the sofa the next day and later threatened to kill her with a gun or wood chipper or strangling her.
According to the affidavit written by the Portsmouth police, Coffey said to the woman on the phone: “I will not lose you, but I will kill you.” “You never know, it may be a gun. I may throw you into the wood chipper, or I will strangle you.”
The indictment does not mean guilt, but it means that the grand jury found enough evidence to put the case on trial.
As a community service, the following information will be released, which contains stories of suspected domestic violence and/or sexual violence, and no verdict on the guilt or innocence of the defendant will be made:
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Post time: Feb-04-2021

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