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Notorious ‘Wood Chipper Killer’ will soon be a free man

Astonishing. This killer who committed one of the most heinous crimes in Ct history should die in jail.

If you look at history this state was run by Federalists , Whigs And Dems & Republicans ….Ct has a varied past for our governors… It had not been run solely by Dems …O’Neill was in office from 85-91

France, William O’Neill served as Governor from December 1980 – January 1991, He assumed office after the resignation of Governor Ella Grasso and was re-elected twice. He was the second longest serving Governor of Connecticut.

” … will soon be a free man after serving about 30 years of a 50-year sentence for the brutal killing.” This is why we need the death penalty! How soon before the two “Cheshire killers” are released for ‘good behavior”? Mark my words, that day will come! It’s a disgusting travesty of justice.

Post time: Feb-26-2020

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