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Chipper concept

Chipper, also known as wood slicer, belongs to one of the series of wood processing equipment. It is widely used in the material preparation section in the production process of textile, papermaking, pulping, wood-based panel and other industries. The main cutting raw materials of the machine are small-diameter wood, bamboo, veneer and the surplus material of cutting secondary fuelwood after peeling. However, for too thick (more than 350mm), too thin (less than 30mm), too short (less than 250mm), too thin (less than 5mm) and irregular raw materials (undissolved stumps, branches, etc.), it does not fully have the function of uniform cutting, or just cut the raw materials on the original basis, and the slicing of bamboo with wall thickness less than 5mm does not fully have the function of layered cutting. At this time, the re crusher can also be selected to re crush the oversized wood chips to achieve the ideal size.

Chipper classification

Mechanical structure classification
According to the mechanical structure, chippers can be divided into two categories: disc chippers with cutting knives installed on discs and drum chippers with cutting knives installed on cylindrical drums. Disc chipper is mainly used to cut logs. The quality of wood chips is good and is widely used in pulp and paper mills. Drum chipper has wide adaptability to wood varieties and can be used for various wood materials such as veneer.
Classification of disc chippers
Disc chippers are divided into three types: ordinary chippers (4 ~ 6 knives), multi knife chippers (8 ~ 12 knives) and helical chippers. These three chipper feeding methods include inclined feeding and flat feeding (or horizontal feeding). The chips of long logs are generally fed with flat mouth, and the chips of short logs and boards can be fed with inclined mouth or flat mouth.

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