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ມົນທົນຊານຕົງ Pengfuda ການປົກປ້ອງສິ່ງແວດລ້ອມເຕັກໂນໂລຊີຈໍາກັດ

ມົນທົນຊານຕົງ Pengfuda ການປົກປ້ອງສິ່ງແວດລ້ອມເຕັກໂນໂລຊີຈໍາກັດ

"Ambition Lofty ແລະພະຍາຍາມ". ພວກເຮົາເຊື້ອເຊີນຈໍາຫນ່າຍໃນທົ່ວໂລກທີ່ຈະເຂົ້າຮ່ວມກັບພວກເຮົາແລະບໍລິສັດທີ່ຕ້ອງການທີ່ຈະຮ່ວມມືກັບທ່ານສໍາລັບການໃນມື້ອື່ນ brighter!

Shandong Pengfuda Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., is a modern enterprise which specializes in forestry machinery since 1990′s.

We owe the good reputation among the customers of all over the world through the efforts of years. Our company has grown into a comprehensive supplier of the special-purpose equipments for paper-making plants,biomass power generation, silicon smelting, BBQ charcoal making plants, husbandry and compost fertilizer.

Our main products includes:Forestry and biomass grinders,Log splitters,Log debarkers,Pellet making production line and BBQ charcoal briquette making production line.Wood chips production line for papermaking pulp,and other auxiliary equipments such as rotary drum screen,vibrating siever screen,many kinds of conveyors and Industrial cyclone pulse dust collector/exhaust gas removal system.